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  • What Do We Do?
    What Do We Do?

    1344 calls handled in 6 months.

    42% Resolved through mediation.

  • Sikh Helpline Wins Sikh Awards!
  • Charity Bike Ride 2015

    Birmingham - Wolverhampton

    24 Miles / 10 Stops

    Sunday 27th September


  • Relationship Issues
    Relationship Issues

    "If the Sikh Helpline wasn't there, I don't know what I would have done,"
    Navjot Singh, 17

  • Addiction (Smoking / Drinking / Drugs)
    Addiction (Smoking / Drinking / Drugs)

    70% of calls are from young adults over the age of 16.

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse
    Domestic Violence and Abuse

    37% of calls are related to suffering of personal abuse.

  • Connecting with Kaurs in Need

    If you are feeling sad and lonely, please call now at 07783 833364.

The Sikh Helpline

What Do We Do?

The ‘Sikh Helpline’ is a professional and confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service where you can get help, advice, counselling and information on Sikhism and cultural issues including:

  • Bullying and Racism
  • Discrimination within the work place
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grooming Awareness Campaign
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Addiction (Smoking / Drinking / Drugs)
  • Problems at school or home
  • Issues regarding Articles of faith
  • 5Ks and Sikh Rights

Call: 0845 644 0704 / 07999 00 4364

Charity No: 115 4449

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I was only 13 when he was hurting me....

"Rape is not your fault"

My brother had a friend who was 26 years old, he knew him for many years from his school days, he use to come over to our house all the time so my family knew him very well.


One day he came over to meet my brother, but my brother wasn't home at the time, I was home alone, everyone else was out, my mum and dad were still at work. I let him in the house, I told him he could wait inside as my brother had only gone to the local shops.

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Parenting: Risk And Protective Factors

As they grow up, youth are exposed to a number of factors which may either increase their risk for, or protect them from, problems such as abusing drugs or engaging in delinquent behavior.


“Risk factors” are any circumstances that may increase youths’ likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors. Conversely, “protective factors” are any circumstances that promote healthy youth behaviors and decrease the chance that youth will engage in risky behaviors.

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on 17 August 2015
This year the team are hoping to double the number of participants to 100. The cyclists will set off on their 24 mile bike ride journey, stopping at 10 local Sikh Gurdwaras who are also engaging in th...
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With Guru Ji's KIRPA, The Head Teacher of a School and the school governors arranged a meeting with the Sikh Helpline CEO - Giani Sukha Singh , after the Sikh Helpline Legal Team sent an email to the...
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on 29 October 2014
Press Release: Local community get on their bikes to help launch charity fundraiser with The Sikh Helpline – winner of The World Sikh Awards 2014 Charity Award. Members of the local community are us...
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We are delighted to announce that the Sikh Helpline founder, Giani Sukha Singh, has won The Charity Sikh Awards 2014 for all the work he has done since its inception 20 over years ago. In those years,...
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How Does It Happen? Victims have had drugs unsuspectingly slipped into their drinks at bars, clubs and parties for the purpose of reducing their resistance to sexual advances. Once the individual is i...
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on 16 July 2014
The ‘Sikh Helpline’ (0845 644 0704) or (0799900 4363) is a professional and confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service where you can get help, advice, counselling and information...
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on 16 July 2014
Coalition Persuades Prosecutors in Four Separate Cases to Drop Criminal Charges Against Sikhs for Carrying the Kirpan (New York, New York) Prosecutors have been persuaded to drop criminal charges agai...
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August was the month of one of our most outragous challenges to date. A few volunteers are going to ride their bikes all the way to London from Edinburgh to raise awareness and money for the Sikh Help...
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Nov 13 2007 by Martin Shipton, Western Mail HUMAN rights group Liberty has given a school two weeks to let a 14-year-old Sikh girl attend classes wearing a silver bangle that symbolises her commitment...
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Nov 2007 , A 14-year-old girl has been excluded from a school in south Wales for wearing a Sikh bangle, or Kara. Sarika Singh refused to take off the religious symbol because it is “a constant remin...
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Community News

Criminal Justice Act 1988 Section 139 Offence of having article with blade or point in public place Subject to subsections (4) and (5) below, any person who has an article to which this sectionapplies...
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Death Penalty (India) Go to 11.29 am for Kesri Lehar Campaign I beg to move,That this House welcomes the national petition launched by the Kesri Lehar campaign urging the UK Government to press the In...
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The hardest thing for any parent is for them to see the dead body of their young son.. it’s even harder to accept when he was killed for peacefully protesting!! Bhai Jaspal Singh aged 18 was shot de...
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on 07 April 2014
Press Release Rt Hon ANN CLWYD MP 4 December 2007 Ann Clwyd calls for justice over Sikh pupil Ann Clwyd said: “After considering all the circumstances, I believe that the Sikh girl currently exclude...
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Stories & articles

Article By Barry R. McCaffrey Get InvolvedKids who are close to their parents are least likely to engage in risky behaviors. The more involved you are in your children's lives, the more valued they'll...
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Are you constantly searching the latest on parenting to make sure you are doing everything exactly right? It's time to relax. Temple University psychologist, Laurence Steinberg, says that perfect pare...
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By Dr. Michael Welner Grooming is the process by which an offender draws a victim into a sexual relationship and maintains that relationship in secrecy. The shrouding of the relationship is an essenti...
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on 16 July 2014 in Grooming and Conversions
Teach your children the five key rules which remind young people to be SMART online. You should go through these tips with your children. S – SAFE Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal...
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'I've had her bro, you can have her' Men 'groomed teenage girl from the age of 12 before raping her in drug den' The girl fell pregnant at 14 during her 18-month ordeal in Lancashire Six men deny a ca...
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As they grow up, youth are exposed to a number of factors which may either increase their risk for, or protect them from, problems such as abusing drugs or engaging in delinquent behavior. “Risk fac...
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There have always been bullies in the world. The recent attention on the subject is proof that it has effects on the victims and must be dealt with the way all social ???ills have in the past. Much li...
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Nicola Woolcock
Sikh Times News Paper: Muslims accused of blackmail to make student girls convert Nicola Woolcock RADICAL Muslims are being accused of blackmailing young Hindu and Sikh women into changing religion in...
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His Pride & Joy Home to Her Family A Sikh girl has retuned home with her identity intact, therefore her dignity cannot and must not be questioned Young people make mistakes, some bigger then other...
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Jan Ki Ardas
Sikhs Ardass Never Fails! 11 July 2007. The Sikh Times has issued a news item about the Amritdhari girl was returned to her family after a brief disappearance. Click on the link below to read details...
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Ongoing Cases

on 09 July 2015 in On-going Cases
Check back soon as we provide updates to all the cases we are working on to help those in need.

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