Comments and Complaints

We do want to hear from you

If you have contacted us recently, we would very much appreciate it if you could give us some feedback on your most recent call.

We will keep all your comments confidential and anonymous, unless you give us permission to use your responses.

We aim to provide the best service we can, and your comments will help us develop the service to ensure that it meets the needs of all our callers.



  1. Any complaint made about the service or individual helpline volunteers will be taken seriously and investigated fully and sympathetically in accordance with the complaints procedure
  2. The complaints procedure is put in place to ensure that anyone wishing to complain can do so in the way that is most convenient for them
  3. A complaint, for the purposes of this process, is understood to mean a criticism of the nature and / or content of the service provided
  4. A complaint cannot be made about a call whilst the call is on-going. A complaint must be made on a different occasion, as detailed below
  5. Complaints made against the service are used to improve and develop the service.


  1. The complaint will be investigated by individuals more senior to the sevadar who had handled the call, in a consistent way, regardless of whether it has been received over the phone, via email or through the post.
  2. Due to the sensitivity of the workings of the Sikh Helpline, the final outcome on the investigation will for the purpose of data protection, only related to the complainant via telephone.
  3. Any decision made by the Sikh Helpline will be final.