Sikh Helpline Local Family Bike Ride 1st Oct 2023

The Sikh Helpline Local Family Bike Ride 1st Oct 2023

With Guru’s grace we are now looking forward to holding our 2023 Local Family Bike Ride for the Sikh Helpline. The previous years have proved to be a huge success, not only bringing the community together, promoting health and well being but also fund raising for the Sikh Helpline. The cyclists will set off on their 17 mile bike ride journey , stopping at 12 local Sikh Gurdwaras and Mr Singhs who are also engaging in this worthy cause. “Every Call Matters; that missed call may have been their only chance to make a call”

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Please note anyone under 16 will need an accompanying adult registered for the day.

What can you do to help?

We need the support of the local communities to help us keep up with the increasing demand of calls. Every call matters and a missed call may be the only attempt someone makes for help. It is crucial that every call is answered.”

Giani Sukha Singh, CEO, Sikh Helpline