Divine Intervention, Renewed Faith – Domestic Violence Case

This is a case of long standing, mental destitution spanning over a 20 year period. A middle aged woman who suffered in silence, turned to her Guru for help. She went to her local Gurdwara and fell at the feet of Sat Guru (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). This broken mother of 2, doing Ardas (a heartfelt plea/prayer) whilst a stream of tears rolling off her cheeks, doing her best to conceal her emotions but to no avail. After sitting a while in Darbar Sahib (the royal court), a mild sense of composure was mustered and she made her way out. On the way out, she came across a Sikh Helpline poster and feeling that her Guru was extending his loving hand of mercy; she too reached out her hand and courageously called the Helpline. It transpired that this lady had been suffering from Domestic Violence and in fear for the safety of her children she managed to keep it hidden from them and bore the brunt of her husband?s drunken rage for over 2 decades. 20 years of physical abuse, 20 years of living in fear, 20 years of isolation and too terrified to reach out for help.

The Sikh Helpline case worker immediately advised the victim to inform the Police with the  full support of the helpline as this is not only a cowardly act but also a criminal offense and is punishable under the Domestic Violence Act 2004 which has a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment. This course of action was far too much for this fearful mother as is the case for most domestic violence cases. So then she was advised to at least let her children know and allow her son, who is now over 20, to get involved for her safety because no one should ever have to suffer this type of assault.

So a meeting was set with the mother and the children explaining what their mother had endured from the beginning of her marriage to that present moment. After taking a while to take in the gravity of the situation, the bewildered children and mother along with the advise of the Sikh Helpline decided they would confront their cowardly father and give him an ultimatum.

If he was to assault his wife again then he would be kicked out of the house. Her husband, when confronted, had to agree knowing full well he would have nowhere to go and no means to support himself since it was his wife and children that were generating the source of income.

This is an ongoing case and to date the husband has been true to his word. It also transpires that this audacious mother was an Amritdhari (initiated Sikh/Sikh of the Guru) before she was arried and due to her pitiful situation, was unable to remain within the Sikh Code of Conduct (Sikh Rehit Maryada). After concluding this tough chapter of her life, she renewed her vow to Sat Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and again, drank in the nectar of immoratillity (Amrit) from the Panj Pyaare (The Five Beloved ones).

This case goes to show that when done from the heart or place of deep desperation/suffering, a prayer to Sat Guru never goes unheard for he has the ability to bless us with our deepest desires. In an instant he can change the complextion of ant situation, all we have to do is be brave and make the effort for change in our lives 

“If you take even one step towards the Guru, He will take millions of steps to welcome you.” (Bhai Gurdas Kabit 111)