Bullied at Boarding School

Sikh Helpline Callers:  At a boarding school, there was a pupil who was the only Sikh student and he wore a Dastaar (turban). Unlike other schools, students at boarding schools are provided accommodation and return home only during weekends and holidays. When the student returned home, his mother noticed some bruises on him.

She asked him about it but he kept quiet. Suspecting that someone was abusing him, the father called the Sikh Helpline and got a representative to speak to his son. He opened up to the Sikh helpline sewadar and related to what was happening at school.

He said that there were older students who acted as monitors and were assigned to look after the younger students, keep an eye on them in dormitories, and to generally help them when required. However, the monitor who was supposed to be looking after this young Sikh boy had in fact been the one bullying and beating him up.After discussing the situation with the parents and with their permission, the Helpline faxed a letter to the school informing them of what had happened. The head teacher called the parents and arranged for a meeting with them. The parents, Sikh helpline and head teacher met and discussed the problem. The head teacher was helpful regarding the situation and had no idea that this had been going on and said they would need to conduct their own investigation into the matter in more depth. The Sikh helpline emphasised that the matter needed to be dealt with and resolved speedily.

After due process, the bully was suspended from school and later apologised to the victim. His parents were informed about the situation and the action being taken.

Subsequently, the school set up an assembly dedicated to bullying, its effects on students and the school’s stand on the matter. The school took a zero-toleration approach to bullying and encouraged victims to come forward and confide in their teachers and to seek help in stopping the abuse.

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