Feedback From Support Worker

I am a support worker supporting women & children victims of domestic abuse. We are working from home during the lock-down, which has made it difficult not being able to see clients face to face. I have been in contact with the Sikh Helpline regarding food parcels for our clients that are in isolation and away from family.

The Sikh Helpline has never let me down during this difficult time.

One of our clients is just moving into a new house from a refuge but their house isn’t fully ready and alongside an ongoing legal battle, it has been very tiring and stressful. Receiving the food parcel from Sikh Helpline join hand with Gurdwara Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji and having phone support has been so beneficial in making them feel cared for and supported.

Today was the birthday of an elderly client, Who has no family in the country and lives on her own in supported housing. She received a food parcel and birthday cake from Sikh Helpline and she was very touched by their kindness and really appreciated the extra touch.

As her support worker I am also extremely thankful to the Sikh Helpline for their wonderful work. They are making a big difference to people’s lives and is much needed in this difficult time .