“Every Call Matters” Fundraisers – Feedback

Strong collaborations have been built with external agencies including West Midlands Police (main sponsor – Bikeride ).  Chief Constable, Dave Thompson said,

“The Sikh Helpline and our Public Protection Unit officers have forged an effective working relationship and have appeared several times on TV to inform our communities of the issues around domestic abuse, child sex exploitation and substance misuse… I’m pleased we can support the good work they do and look forward to a successful bike ride”.

The Chair: Sergeant Harvinder Singh Rai also added ” We have had a close and fruitful journey with the Sikh helpline and delighted to support the great work they do.”

Inspector Gagy Bedi states “Training has been provided to Sikh Helpline staff to ensure that they are fully versed with methods of reporting and safe-guarding victims”. 


Bobby Singh said, “Sikh Helpline is important and thrives on helping all without judgement. The bike ride is a key event in order for the Sikh Helpline to continue helping the most vulnerable in need of support” 


Giani Sukha Singh, The C.E.O of The Sikh Helpline, said,We continue to receive high call volumes on issues ranging from grooming, suicide, domestic abuse through to racism and substance addiction. Due to cultural barriers and protection of ‘honour’ within the local community, victims often suffer in silence. We continue to provide the dedicated support these callers need and with generous fundraising we have recruited a Counselling Specialist with an understanding of these issues and barriers and an administrator for providing dedicated support for coordinating new projects, initiatives and network-building with key agencies”