Issues That Matter – Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault “spiking”

In the video below, the characters re-enact a scene which happens too often to too many people. Here, the girl is distracted from her drink and whilst the boy has her attention, he puts his arm over her shoulder and drops a tablet into her drink, which causes her to lose her awareness and as a result she is assaulted.

This scenario is now recognised as ‘Drug Rape’ and it is one of the most dangerous and frequently used methods to assault vulnerable people. The substances used are purposely odourless, tasteless and do not alter the appearance of the drink to prevent the victim from becoming suspicious. Therefore, it is very important to never leave your drink unattended or leave it with another person even if they are your friend. Research shows 85% of assaults linked to drugs are carried out by individuals known to the victim.

Anyone can be a victim, male or female and although it is most commonly used by men against women, 1 in 10 victims of drug assisted sexual assault are men. There are so many ways to stay safe when you are out; if by any chance you have left your glass for any reason, buy another drink! If you are drinking from a bottle, keep your thumb over the top of the bottle or you can purchase a ‘Safeflo’ cap which is endorsed by CrimeStoppers in order to prevent you being a victim.

Remember, losing money on buying another drink is better than losing your dignity. Take care and be aware!

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