Edinburgh to London Bikeride

August was the month of one of our most outrageous challenges to date. A few volunteers are going to ride their bikes all the way to London from Edinburgh to raise awareness and money for the Sikh Helpline.

On the 18th August – 21st August

I have completed my Bike Ride from Scotland to London to try and raise some money for the charity “Sikh Helpline” which I feel is a great cause ?
That’s a journey of a mere 500 miles, including a lot of hills and blisters, and Yes!!!! 500 long miles on my small seat!

My Target is £5000 and I have reached £3000 and hope to make the impossible Possible my getting the Target.th a big belly and hoping that you can help by donating as much as you can. Text me (07956938737) the amount you want to sponsor or click on this link http://www.everydayhero.co.uk/gianisukhasingh to donate. All I want from this is to know that I have tried to help others by raising funds to help someone in need!

It’s for a very good cause, so I am asking you to please please get your credit cards or debit cards out or call me 07956 938737 and make a donation now!

PRESS RELEASE Helpline http://www.everydayhero.co.uk/gianisukhasingh 

Thank you for reading and hopefully understanding the need to make a contribution to this good cause, encouraging and genuinely caring for a family in their darkest hours.




Giani Sukha Singh