Contemplating Suicide

Sikh Helpline Contemplating Suicide 

The Sikh Helpline trustees would like to thank the CEO of the Sikh Helpline and the West Midlands Police who recently acted with great care and professionalism to help save a life. Sikh Helpline were involved with a case involving an individual who was contemplating suicide. They received a distressing phone call from someone who was clearly in need of support and help. The Sikh Helpline volunteer who was experienced in this area, was able to talk to the individual, calm them down and helped control the situation by listening to the individual, reasoning with them and trying to provide them with a wider view and understanding. The volunteer understood that if further help was not sought immediately the matter could worsen and felt that there was a serious risk of this individual taking theirSikh Helpline - West Midlands police own life.


The volunteer got the West Midlands Police involved, calling them and explaining the situation and the urgent need for help. The police only had a phone number to go on but were able to track the call and provide vital assistance and helped save the individuals life. The West Midlands police got in touch with the Sikh Helpline, thanking them with regards to the fact that they took the call, provided support and involved the authorities at the right moment in order to save this person’s life. The Sikh Helpline can only stress the importance of individuals calling in, knowing they have an avenue to turn to for support and not feeling alone. The more people we can help, the more support we can provide to those that need it. Our links with local law enforcement agencies and professionals allows us to provide the right help where needed. We are humbled that we were able to help this individual in this instance and can only thank the volunteer involved that did what they could to help.  Thank you


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