Students Wearing Their Kirpans Were Sent Home – UK

With Guru Ji’s KIRPA, The Head Teacher of a School and the school governors arranged a meeting with the Sikh Helpline CEO – Giani Sukha Singh , after the Sikh Helpline Legal Team sent an email to the school regarding four Gursikh students in the school being prohibited from wearing their kirpans and were sent home. The Sikh Helpline sent a representative down to the school and resolved the issue by explaining the importance of the kirpan and that Sikhs have the legal right to wear kirpans without facing any discrimination or segregation.

The law (in particular s.139(4) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988) provides this defense.
* had “good reason or lawful authority” for having the bladed or pointed article; or
* had the article for use at work; or
* had the article for religious reasons; or
* had the article as part of a national costume;

OUTCOME!!! The Head Teacher of the School and the school governors agreed to let Gursikh students wear their kirpans. The Head Teacher of the School will also be sending out messages in writing to all the teachers in the school so that they will also understand the religious importance of kirpans to Gursikh students.

If you or anyone that you know are having any kakkar or sikhi-related issues at school, please don’t hesitate to contact The Sikh Helpline. You don’t have to face the problem alone. The Sikh Helpline are here to help you!


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