Charity Fundraiser 2014

Press Release:  

Local community get on their bikes to help launch charity fundraiser with The Sikh Helpline ? winner of The World Sikh Awards 2014 Charity Award. Members of the local community are using pedal power to launch the Sikh Helpline charity fundraising campaign “Every call matters“.

A total of 50 cyclists including priests, police officers, local business owners and teachers will be hitting the roads of the West Midland to take part in the charity bike ride. A further 50 stewards have volunteered from the community to help set-up and make this event successful. The cyclists will set off on their 15 mile bike ride journey, stopping at 7 local Sikh Gurdwaras who are also engaging in this worthy cause. Hundreds of community members are expected to congregate at their local Gurdwaras to show their support.


The Sikh Helpline is receiving high volumes of calls and its demand has become nationwide. This bike ride marks the first of many planned fundraising events to help support The Sikh Helpline to continue the vital services they provide. The cyclists are expected to cross the finish line at the final Gurdwara in Walsall after pedalling 15 miles and are aiming to raise ?30,000 from this campaign .

Giani Sukha Singh, The C.E.O of The Sikh Helpline said:

“We need the support of the local communities to help us keep up with the increasing demand of calls. Every call matters and a missed call may be the only attempt someone makes for help. It is crucial that every call is answered.
The Sikh Helpline handles hundreds of calls each month on issues ranging from grooming, domestic abuse through to racism and substance addiction. Due to cultural barriers and protection of ‘honour’ within the local community, such victims suffer in silence. With an understanding of these cultural issues and barriers, The Sikh Helpline offers a support network for these victims.

Barrister Baljit Singh who supports and volunteers for the Sikh Helpline said: “taboo subject within the asian community very rarely see victims speaking out, this service needs to ensure they continue their amazing work”.

Award nominee, Gurpreet Singh (CEO and Founder of Talklocal, Washington, USA) met the Sikh Helpline at the The Sikh Awards and said:

“Learning about this charity and it?s work has touched my heart. I cannot believe that with such little funding, this charity has managed to not just sustain itself but has also become a national service. To do manage like this for a period of 19 years, shows sheer determination and passion. I urge people to join me in supporting this worthwhile cause”.

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