sikh helpline alcoholUniversity is a difficult time for Sikh girls and boys and peer group pressure means that its most often your closest friends that can lead you on the wrong path. This video by the Sikh Helpline illustrates the dangers faced by Sikh Youth in the UK and always remember  WHO YOU ARE!   WHERE YOU COME FROM!


Sikh Helpline maibhago 

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I gave up drinking and never looked back, I personally respect more, girls that don't drink..they have more class (IMO & experience)


Excellent video



Sukha Singho im happy with this video...

i hope loads of vids n media come out to address peer pressure..  

Eh Istriya saddiyah Kul Di Maavah, Panth Deh Bacheh Nishaani Sikhi nu Ageh Lakhei Jhaowgeh

Punjabiat and Sikhi can harness and go together without having to blend in.. I grew up with Vodka shot glasses around me aged most..

I inspired to SIkhi only wen i saw photos of Shaheeds,

Punjabis need sensible balance of living leisure spirituality n harmony