Sikh Helpline Goes National

The ?Sikh Helpline? (0845 644 0704) or (0799900 4363) is a professional and confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service where you can get help, advice, counselling and information on Sikhi and cultural issues. Since its founding in 1998, the Sikh Helpline has focused on providing a very personal service and in order to achieve this we have kept the Helpline relatively small and focused in the West Midlands area. However, the past few years has seen the service grow at an exponential rate with service users being spread throughout the country and in order to meet this need we have expanded our volunteer network to cover as much of the UK as possible.

shl-NEWWe have recruited a management team that has the credentials to ensure that the service runs smoothly and efficiently with core team members having experience in social work, psychology and Sikh philosophy. Other members have MSc?s and experience covering a wide range of industries and sectors for specific advice including individuals with postgraduate qualifications in finance, criminology, medicine, law and pharmacy. This ensures we can offer expert advice from individuals with the correct credentials. Furthermore, our volunteer network comprises of diverse individuals who have experiences in many sectors from both genders across the age spectrum.

This uptake of volunteers has allowed us now to expand the Sikh Helpline into a national service where we can offer our services and advice throughout the UK to any individual that is suffering any form of personal distress. Our volunteers are on hand 24/7 and you can choose to speak to both males and females whilst our growth ensures we can also ensure that the team can work very closely on your case with local knowledge.


The Sikh Helpline offers both a pro active and re active service where we help individuals who have suffered hardship or have become disillusioned with their faith through re active phone calls, meetings and email correspondence whilst we produce videos and talks on both our YouTube channels and throughout schools to ensure we have a pro active service addressing problems many members in the community face. In order to balance our growth with providing a strong personal service we have also set up a donations system where anyone can offer a ?Daswand? or any amount to help us continue our service and ensure we reach those who are most vulnerable. You can also help by offering us your time and expertise in a volunteer capacity where you can make difference to those individuals who most need your help.