Sikh Helpline 2016 Bike Ride Reunion

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The 2016 Sikh Helpline Charity Bike Ride was an even bigger success than last year with more a total of 107 riders registering to take part in this charity event. The Sikh Helpline would like to pay a humble thank you to you all for taking part and to those many familiar faces for your ongoing support. We value and appreciate all the time and effort given for this event. Many of the cyclists and sevadaar have since fedback on how uplifting and enjoyable the day was; here are a few of the messages we received;

  • “Very professional”
  • “Amazing, great atmosphere perfect combination of Sikhi and physical exercise”
  • “Really good atmosphere, great experience”
  • “Exhilarating, on a high, loved every moment of it”
  • “an awesome feeling”, “very inspiring”
  • “The atmosphere was wicked, had the best time, met new people visited some beautiful gurdwaras”
  • “Electric – brilliant”
  • “a good day out”
  • “Brilliant atmosphere, a lovely bunch of people to spend the day riding with for a good cause”
  • “Very positive and supportive. Prem for the Seva and Sangat”
  • “Friendly and co-operative atmosphere”


Kirtan Darbaar – Bike Ride Reunion 2016


Kirtan Darbaar – Sikh Helpline 2016 Bike Ride Reunion To continue to build on the high spirits, we would like to invite you all back for a re-union which will consist of kirtan, an announcement of the grand total of what you have raised and a short video of highlights of the 2016 Bike ride highlights. The Sikh Helpline humbly invites you and your families to attend the Sikh Helpline 2016 Bike Ride reunion on:


Sunday 13th November 2016

At: Gur Har Rai Gurdwara, High Street, West Bromwich, B70 6JW

From: 4pm to 6pm





Please remember, all riders are required to raise a minimum of ?75. Please can all riders ensure that all sponsorship’s and donations that you have raised are collected and sent to The Sikh Helpline by 31st October 2016, in order for us to be able to add your total to the grand total.



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There are 2 ways that you can collect your sponsorship: NOTE that riders must raise a minimum of ?75.00

1. The easiest way to fundraise is to create your own personal online sponsorship page on the Sikh Helpline Everyday Hero page. Further details can be found at:

Simply click on the ‘Start Fundraising’ button and in minutes you can build and customise your page. Share the link with your friends, family and colleagues. Every donation is recorded on your page so you can track your donations. All donations given via Everyday Hero will go directly to the Sikh Helpline.

2. Simply ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you for completing this challenge! Record all agreed donations on the sponsorship form provided and ensure a copy is provided with details of your payment method to allow us to ensure we have received your payment and that you have raised the minimum ?75.00. Donations from UK tax payers, can be ?gift aided? to increase their donations by 25% at no extra cost! Simply ensure they have ticked the Gift Aid column and provided their full name, home address and postcode, so that the charity can claim back the tax paid.


Collecting Your Sponsorships & Donations

You should ensure that all sponsorships and donations that you raise are collected and sent to The Sikh Helpline by 10th November 2016. You can send us your sponsorships and donations in three ways:

1. Write a cheque for the total amount to Sikh Helpline and post to:

The Sikh Helpline, 86 Birmingham Street, Oldbury, B69 4EB

2. Pay the funds directly into The Sikh Helpline NatWest Bank account online or at your bank; Include your name in the reference:

Account Name: Sikh Helpline

Account Number: 38178877

Sort code: 56-00-69

3. Pay in person by calling the Sikh Helpline on 07999 004363 and we can arrange to collect the funds from you.

Once again thank you for taking part in this fantastic event and for being at the heart of making a difference.

-The Sikh Helpline

The Sikh Helpline is a charitable organisation that was established over 20 years ago to fulfill the needs of the community. The Sikh Helpline is a recognised free confidential 24/7 telephone helpline service available to anyone in the community. Following the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh religion, the mission of the Sikh Helpline is to promote positive human qualities of truth, compassion, contentment, humility and love, through providing dedicated support, advice and education to individuals and communities experiencing personal, cultural and social difficulties.