Scotland to Birmingham Bike Ride 350 Miles

It’s Back – Our signature Sikh Helpline Bike Ride 2021

This summer 2021 we look forward to the return of the SHL – Scotland to Birmingham bike ride.
In our series of rides, this is the most challenging bike ride yet, hitting the streets to ride from Scotland to Birmingham, covering a total of 350 miles. The 4-day bike ride will take place on

29th July to 1st Aug 2021 

starts at 6.00am in Edinburgh, travelling through the mountains and steep hills of Newcastle, Leeds and then via Derby to the final destination in West Bromwich, Birmingham.

Terms & conditions:

  • Applicants must be able to ride consecutive 100mile days.
  • The SHL management team may ask for evidence of training logs and records to validate entry
  • Applicant must be a proficient rider, ideally competent in group cycling
  • Riders must bring their own equipment and suitable clothing for 4 days consecutive cycling – Head protecting will be mandatory.
  • Only road bikes will be allowed, Hybrids / Electric bikes will be subject to approval.
  • It will be up to the individual to arrange their own personal / Bike insurance to cover this event
  • Registration cost will be £150, this will cover transport from Birmingham to Scotland, food and basic accommodation, in addition we ask for a £350 in the form of sponsorship funds.
  • Please register your interest at [email protected]
  • The 28th July will be provisioned as a travel day

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