Request For free PPE

Sikh Helpline: Request For FREE PPE

The Sikh Help Line in line with their latest campaign “Mile for PPE” is now ready to deliver the set objective of offering free PPE. We made a pledge to offer essential kit to front line workers and individuals who are providing a service of care.
Huge thanks to all who were involved to smash our target of 1262 miles. We have now received our stock and starting to log requests.
Do you know someone who would benefit receiving PPE kit? Do you work with in care or require PPE for your job in public services?
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For further information contact 07999 004 363 or email [email protected]

Please note:
This PPE has been provided as part of a Sikh Helpline fundraising initiative. All PPE must be used in accordance with the correct guidance and appropriate safety measures. The Sikh Helpline accepts no liability and we would ask all users of this PPE to check appropriately before usage.