Sehaj Paath: Can we still arrange a Sehaj Paath?

It is the Maryada for a Sehaj Paath to be held. Under the current circumstances there may be practical and timing issues . It is best to speak to your local Gurdwara Sahib as to how it is best conducted whilst observing the social distancing rules and hygiene considerations. These are local considerations determined by a no of factors such as availability of paat’s , layout and size of the Gurdwaras, any other funerals , timing etc

In any event it is important that anyone exposed to Covid-19 should remain in isolation in order to minimise infection risks to others. Those with pre health condition and over 60’s would also be cautioned from attending.

It may be possible to stream the service from the Gurdwara from time to time using a Tel or tablet for absent people .


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