05. How does it spread?

Coronavirus is spread via droplets expressed out of the respiratory tract of an infected individual, such as through coughing, sneezing, and heavy breathing. To cause disease, the virus droplets have to enter the body via the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Direct transmission: If you are suffering from COVID-19, you can cough or sneeze ~0.7ml of fluid into your surroundings, which travel a distance of up to ~2 metres. (The larger droplets fall within 1 metre and the smaller droplets can travel up to 3 metres).

Contact transmission: If the droplets land on a surface, and you make contact with the surface i.e. with your hands, the transmission would occur from touching  your face, eyes, nose or mouth with that hand. N.B. Covid-19 can live on a hard surface for up to 72 hours, though most viral particles die within 24 hours.

Coronavirus is not known to spread through any other route.

by Dr Sukhdev Singh, Sikh Doctors Association 

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