12. Why is washing your hands important?

The SARS COV-2 virus has a fragile outer surface (a fatty layer), which is its weak point. This outer fatty layer is destroyed by soap if used for 20 seconds or more. After 20 seconds of soap use, the virus is destroyed and you should flush the soap lather away with warm water. Washing your hands for less than 20 seconds will not kill the virus and so is ineffective.

An example of ensuring you wash your hands for 20 seconds is to say the Mool Mantar twice.

You must follow this diagram for hand washing:

If you need to leave your home – to go to the supermarket for essentials, or one hour of exercise a day only, as per government guidelines – use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser (at least 60%).

(When outside, you must follow supermarket guidance when you are there – this will involve maintaining a 2 metre distance at all times, such as when browsing aisles and queuing).

by Dr Sukhdev Singh, Sikh Doctors Association 

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