Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

A call was received by the Sikh Helpline regarding a rape case that had been brought to the forefront after the highlighted press case from Delhi in the recent news. A sister who was in deep distress having hidden her pains for many decades until she couldn’t bear it no more.

I was married for 15 years, to a once loving and caring man…who under the influence of alcohol became very abusive with domestic violence and sexual abuse too…..I had two beautiful children with my husband but years later, began to realise that a lot was being hidden from me, and all the money I had been earning for all my married years was disappearing into a dark black hole, that I couldn’t trace. I took the physical abuse for many years towards the end of my marriage, including forced intercourse against my consent, but us women, have the duty to look after the house, our husband and our children and it is not easy when one is being continuously beaten and bruised as well as salved for one’s pleasure.

Over the years of my marriage, I was continuously raped by my husband on several occasions but had no one to turn to…however, when i saw how men were getting away with such bad acts of crime in india, I was at breaking point as i had never been able to voice my experiences….and I picked up the phone to the Sikh Helpline for help…..

I was fortunate enough that my call was dealt with immediately and passed onto a sister who gave me all the time i needed to get through the memories that I had just brushed under the carpet for many decades…..a sikh helpline sevadaar came to see me where i was comfortable and listened to me…..and talked to me……now months later…i feel i am liberated of my past that I was dragging along with me everywhere….I feel free…and its all thanks to the sevadaars at the Sikh Helpline who genuinely want to help and do whatever it takes to make sufferers like me feel better….I came to realise that all i needed was a listening ear and waheguru let the Sikh Helpline take this seva.

I want to thank the sevadaars at the Sikh Helpline who are doing such a great job…sometimes all we need is a non judgmental listener to let us get things off our chest….may the akaal purakh waheguru continue to bless the helpline to continue help silent victims like me..”