Covid-19 – Home Exercise for the Elderly

Exercise is key to staying fit and healthy. Even if it is just light workouts, staying physically active daily is important for your health and Wellbeing.

Adults over the age of 65 should try to take part in physical activity everyday. Different activities can help to maintain/ lose weight, improve posture and reduce the risk of blood clots

You should aim to do activities that will help with balance, flexibility and strength. Avoid spending lots of time sitting/ lying down and break it up with some activity.

Light activity can include moving around your home, walking at a slow pace, making a cup of tea, cleaning and dusting and making the bed

It can be difficult to go out and exercise during the lockdown so here are some easy chair activities you can do at home (choose a char that is stable without wheels and arms):

Upper-body twist

1. Sit upright with your feet flat on the floor cross your arms and reach fro your shoulders

2. Without moving your hips, turn your upper body to the left as far as comfortable. Hold for 5 seconds.

3. Repeat on the right side (do 5 times on each side)

Hip marching

1. Sit upright (do not lean on the back of the chair). Hold on to the sides of the chair

2. Lift your left leg with your knee bent as far as is comfortable. Place your foot down with control

3. Repeat with the opposite leg (do 5 lifts with each leg)

Ankle Stretch

1. Sit upright, hold on to the side of the chair and straighten your left leg with your foot off the floor

2. With leg straight and raised, point your toes away from you

3. Point toes back towards you (try two sets of five stretches with each foot)