At Work

Employee fundraising is a great way to bring your team together, creating shared goals for you all to work towards. From Mother’s Day to Christmas to Easter and every day in between, get your team and bosses involved in any number of activities, from dressing up days to pie eating competitions. Do what you can to raise much needed funds for us at Sikh Helpline.

Spot the baby

This one is hilarious! Grab everyone’s baby photos and put them on a board. Everybody pays 50 pence and managers, bosses and work colleagues will then have to guess who’s baby photo belongs to who, with the winner taking a quarter of the money and the remainder sent to Sikhhelpline!


Get your team together and start a sporting competition, there are lots too choose from including tennis, football, hockey.. If your company is small you could always get another company involved and make the losing company pay an agreed donation.

Extreme Challenges

Encourage your team members to sign up for a day of paint balling fun or an assault course day.

All year round

From Easter to Christmas there are plenty of ways your company can get involved. Get the team to dress up in crazy costumes on Halloween, or bring food in on the lead up to Christmas, the list is endless.

Tea And Coffee

We all hate the dreaded coffee and tea run at work, so instead charge a price to your colleagues for the week and collect the donations at the end of the week.

Pounds for Pounds

Make a competition within the office for the person who loses the most weight within a set period of time, gather the donations, and the winner get a cut of the takings, together with a cut to their waist size!